A Very Long Trip to Nowhere

by Wovoka Jr.

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released December 1, 1991



all rights reserved


Wovoka Jr. Edgerton, Wisconsin

Side stuff done by Ekim Sinrut during and after the existence of Horny Genius, circa 1986 until this very day...lots o' fun and chock full of surprises... give a listen and try some today!

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Track Name: A Broken String Dream in Slovakia
The lamb lays down to prove he’s right , the course he runs a distant flight.
The promise made will not survive, I know you think he was alive.

Sweat and toil to make it good, a lasting thought for what it’s worth.
See the grave of Mr. Poe, red roses left, remember a time.

The challenge made to overcome, the print is there, the only son.
The grant was gone, your wish was told, now you have to get real old.
Track Name: Long Sweaty Moments
A clear and thankless night
I saw you there and I’m wonderin’ if I’m right?
Did not want to leave.
But circumstances went and made my choice.

The last pardon did not come, I knew that judgment had won.
Something to grab a hold. Now I ‘m not, ever the same….

Losing never seemed all right. But you always found a way for me to take the blame
Was 15 years today, the love we had was spent and turned out wrong.
Track Name: Aw C'mon Mom
Mom come get me again, mom please help me again.
Alien got me good, I’m bleeding from my head.

Don’t know why I left, I wish I really did.
I don’t know how I’ll feel , about you not being here.
I didn’t see, what was there, what I thought, thought was real.

Stuck here out in space, isolated on this base.
No hope of leaving, mom come get me again, I know you’ll come through again.

Alien: Don’t worry, we won’t hurt you, we want to be your friend. No! Wait! Don’t!
Track Name: Secret Passages
Dali’s handgun was not registered with the local police.
Tricky Dick is back and he’s stopped his crying….
He’s no longer a visitor, the only one ?

Urban anguish spills out into the sidewalk, reacting against the slimy ooze of life’s underbelly. Yet they’ll still vote Republican.
Confidence is gone but the anger lingers on. The tired eyes that never close, always push you down…
Track Name: Bitten by a Pig
Majestic is where you stand, cold, cold, cold.
Don’t get bitten by the Pig or it will be your end!

Such a senseless thing to do, couldn’t keep it inside no more.
Out it comes with a cutting them down with a flash of fire and rage.
Hope I didn’t hurt anyone, frustration will win again.
In this self made purgatory is there any escape?

My memory it ran away, knocked aside, by the white lightning and wine.
My memory it slipped away. Pushed aside by the Black Velvet and Rum.
When I knew you went away I fell down flat, and I didn’t know what from.

Take me out of this prison cell, train train train.
I got no where else to go, got time to lose your mind?
The smell you have is all your own, do you want to live with it?
With what few brain cells you have left, yes you win again.
Track Name: Flash Fire
The river is high, just jump on in. They all float. Don’t forget your sandwich.
Swim if you can or go ahead and sink. Eat up some mud. How does it taste?

Holy Black won’t get me down, Popes can’t pope under the ground.
Holy black won’t get me down, cook your meat with coffee grounds.

When I see them in that old room, my blood boils hot with anger.
When I see them in that red room, I want to crush their bones.
Step on this little yellow bug, just because it had touched you.
Step on this little violet bug, it wants to suck your blood, it wants to drink your blood.

Where is the snow? Follow the line. Don’t get too close, or you’ll have to pay for it.

Holy black won’t get me down, hope won’t live until it’s found.